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7 November - 22 December 2017


His latest exhibition sees Martin Smith further investigating the formal language of the vessel and the way that it can both contain a space and define a place. He continues to make reference to elements of architectural language and further analyses the poetic qualities of mathematics and geometry. Using his previous show with Marsden Woo Gallery (Plates–Bowls–Vases, 2015) and its exploration of the archetype of the vase as a jumping-off point, Smith drops the scale of this new body of work to that of the cup, mug or beaker for an exploration of the geometric intersection of cylinders and cubes.

Smith moves away from the red and white earthenware of previous work to using Parian. The immaculacy of its marble-like appearance is echoed in the geometric purity of the piece, and then juxtaposed by a rough texture - closer to the erosion of an organic materials than the precision of the ground and polished surface that has characterised Smith’s most recent work. He utilises a more monochromatic palette, offset with defined areas of intense colour.

A key figure in British ceramics, Martin Smith continually pushes boundaries in his practice. This new exhibition signals a major shift in the artist’s choice of materials and scale as he plays with dualities and oppositions throughout.

Image: works in progress in the artist's studio

For more information, images, or to arrange an interview with the artist please contact Siobhan Feeney or Tatjana Marsden
tel: +44(0)20 7336 6396

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