13 January to 13 February 2016


Street furniture to keep you fit and playground facilities for all ages have become familiar sites in many urban public spaces. In his forthcoming solo show, Domesticated, Christoph Zellweger presents new work that reflects on omnipresent social engagement in practices of self-improvement.

Through furniture-scale objects specifically designed to encourage interaction, Zellweger scrutinises inherent everyday experiences that individuals perform in order to deal with acceptance, fears and desires. These practices discipline our bodies and domesticate our existence.

Intensively engaging in material research, Zellweger explores carpentry and the physical and emotional qualities of domestically-charged materials mainly oak and oak veneer. In doing so, he creates deliberately overworked objects which navigate between sculpture and device.

Discussion, photography, performance and other forms of engagement with the exhibited works are planned to take place during the private view and throughout the show.

Image: Works in progress in the artist's studio Christoph Zellweger (2015)

CHRISTOPH ZELLWEGER studied at the Royal College of Art in London following a period spent working as a goldsmith in the luxury trade. His practice uncovers social obsessions related to the constructions of identity, beauty and bodily health. Examples of his work can be found in the Museum for the Applied Arts in Hamburg, the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, the Fonds National d'Art Contemporain in Paris and the Crafts Council. As well as winning prizes in England, Belgium and Germany, Zellweger has won the Swiss Federal Prize for the Applied Arts three times and obtained a residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre in The Netherlands. The monograph Christoph Zellweger. Foreign Bodies (Barcelona/New York: Actar, 2007), extended the definition of body adornment and engaged in an interdisciplinary dialogue. Besides running his studio and exhibiting internationally, Zellweger lectures in Europe's leading art colleges and holds a professorial research post at Sheffield Hallam University at the Art and Design Research Centre.

For more information, images, or to arrange an interview with the artist please contact Siobhan Feeney or Tatjana Marsden
tel: +44(0)20 7336 6396

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